Total destruction on SG-16 with the Mighty Eagle is Possible (screenshots)
  • This is my strategy, it gave me a maximum of 96%. But only once in a few hours.

    - Shoot the white bird barely over the first flag.
    - When it's about to hit the wood part on the left (third floor from top) shoot the egg.
    - The egg would expose the snowy area in the middle.
    - The bird is more important. It would hit the very left edge of the horizontal wood on the top, destroy it, and the bird will fly further to hit the flag.
    - Then the bird will fall straight down and destroy the entire snow tower.

    - Shoot the red bird at nearly the same angle.
    - It will go through the snow in the middle, and most of the middle structure would be destroyed.

    - Use the rest of the birds to destroy everything left on the right.

    - Then throw the eagle can to hit the snow block that was under the first flag, next to the triangle snow block.
    - The eagle would destroy most of the left part.

    - Pray for a total destruction.
  • Me and my brother finally got 99%
    1.use the first bird to Destroy some of the snow blocks near the first flag and shoot the egg on the blocks
    2. Bigbrotherbird in the same ankle like the first white bird
    3. Quickly the mighty eagle in the same ankle as the first two birds, that it hits the bigbrotherbird so hard that it comes in from the left side again

    Destroyed everything than one nearly destroyed ice block and 2 white blocks on the left and one on the right side
  • How can i upload a screenshot to prove it???
  • Interesting strategy, Andreas189! I've been trying it out for the past 10 minutes or so. It usually gets in the lower 90's, if executed right, though I got up to 96%. It works best if both the white and big red bird stay around until the Mighty Eagle comes along. I'm going to keep trying this.
  • Is there a way that i can upload a screenshot directly from the ipod???
  • You have to load it onto some external port, such as flickr.
  • Tweet the Screenshot, copy and paste the link from the tweet to this discussion.
  • I'm up to 96% using a combination of the 2. i use the 1st white bird to clip the top wooden corner, hit the right flag and fall down breaking the snow blocks on the right...then i switch to Andreas' great idea of hitting big brother launching him across...still no 100% but I'm closer than before. thanks for the tips...
  • I got the feather this morning!!!
    Strategy from above!!! Destroyed everything but one snow block and one ice block on the right
    If you want me to profe it i could upload screenshots to faceboock
    Just friend me: andreas eristoff from austria!!!
  • Good job! You are the first to report getting total destruction!

    Proof is definitely required, a lot of people here are skeptical that it can be done. Upload the image to this website and share the link with us:
  • I still dont understand how i can upload pictures.
    I have no computer now so i could do it only with ipod! Perhaps i could send it to you Victor and you upload it!!??
  • @Victor Upload doesnt work, can you give me your mail adress or friend me on facebook, then i ll give you some screenshots, that you can upload, to proof the total destruction if you dont believe me! Otherwise i will not be able to profe it to you and you just have to believe me or not!
  • I sent you a private message with my e-mail address. It's in your inbox on this forum. When I get it, I will upload it for you.
  • And here they are! The screenshots that Andreas sent me:

    1) What was left to get 100% destruction

    2) The feather fills up to 100%

    3) The level selection screen with the feather on level 16

    Seems legit to me. Congratulations once again, Andreas!
  • Thanks victor! It would be to much work to fake all the pictures, and it would not bring me anything! I swear to god that i really got total destruction! And by the way at the first picture the wooden block got destroyed after the screenshot was made. I took the screenshot to early and wasnt able to take a second before the eagle score appeared
  • Interesting, Slim, how they've gone from 'it's definitely possible' to 'it's a known issue'. I think I'll wait until the threshold is lowered.
  • Congratulations to Andreas 189 for nailing SG-16. To get that sort of destruction would take me centuries (My best is 94% with 4 blocks left) so I am happy to wait for Rovio to lower the threshold.
  • @Victor @Habanero : I will gladly wait as well, since we are nearing the Moon Festival update anyways ;)
  • I tried Andreas's method and got 99 this morning...I will keep trying.
  • @Andreas189 Re: Uploading pictures. If you have a Dropbox account ( you can get their app. Then when you snap a screenshot on your iPhone / iPod drop it into your public folder then share that link here. It's really really easy once you've done it a few times.
  • Andreas189,

    That is quite an accomplishment! Congrats! I've been using your method and have consistently been at 96% ever since. Can I ask some questions to wrap this up so I can get on with my life?!

    1. how do you throw the first white bird reference the antenna/flag on the left? Throw it at the top of the antenna? Middle? Bottom? Throw it OVER the antenna?

    2. does bigbrother have to follow in the EXACT path of the first white bird?

    How you figured this out, I'll never know! But I'm glad you did because I'm wasting a lot of time trying to get this done!

    Thanks again!

  • @elcapitan
    I dont think it s important, the white bird has to destroy the flag and the upper snow blocks. I wouldnt say that bigbrotherbirdhas to follow exact! Maybe a bit higher when you shoot the white bird middle
  • If you can do it again with video... please post... or even a video of the basic strategy to attempt. thanks.
  • I'll add my name to the list of users who cannot get the feather for this level (have 'em for all other seasons levels, though). I too think I will wait for the fix from Rovio (hopefully they will actually fix it -- along with the score addict for Summer Pignic -- when Moon Festival lands).

  • @ Andreas189 - oooh!!!.... so very, very close with your method... all the wood gone, all the glass gone, big brother rolled across the bottom of the level taking out all before him... all that was left was two solitary floating square snow blocks ..two!! I held my breath to see what I got ... 99%!!

    Pretty pleased with that clearance though it sort of proves it really needs that fix
  • Nice job, Habanero. That seems to be crucial: Big Brother rolling across the bottom taking out everything in its path. Too bad it does not happen very often. :)
  • @cwheels how should i take a video? Which programm do u use? I have jailbroken ipod touch and tried some screen recorders but none worked! Can you recommand me one???
  • @andreas189 I'm not sure how to do it either..
  • Nice forum!
  • @Andreas189 DisplayRecorder is the best software to capture video on a jailbroken iOS device, unfortunately it doesn't work great on iPod Touches. They just don't have enough juice. Honestly, I would do it the old fashion way = record the screen. It's a bit jury-rigged I know, but if you can put it on a steady surface and adjust the lighting it can work pretty well. Heck, this is how we used to do all our videos. If you end up capturing a video let me know and I can have it upload to our YouTube channel and integrate a screen that includes your user name (i.e. giving you credit).
  • I think a key may be to have the sardine can land just to the right of big brother (maybe even touching big brother)? This seems to cause big brother to shoot to the right, and if the can is actually touching big brother, it seems to extend his life just long enough for the eagle to swoop in. With all of that said, I'm only up to 95%, so maybe it's not important....
  • I got the feather a Second time :) Same Stratege As above
  • Cool bananas! - Got SG-16 at long last!! Andreas 189's method. It happened the way I expected it to...via a roll across of bigbrother screen left to right after the ME had taken all the high stuff out.

    Had got 99% with two square snow blocks left 2 days ago, a 98% and many at 97% ... but this time there was nothing at all left on the screen.
    Just seen Andreas189 has repeated the feat again ... amazing stuff... well done!!
  • Come visit the mighty eagle Hall of fame
  • Well, this is going to drive people crazy. The new update to Seasons did not make SG-16 easier to total destruct with the ME.
  • @AMslimfordy -- count me as one of the sorry saps who actually got if through the over-the-moon shot. I cannot tell you how many tries that took. Ugh.
  • [QUOTE]Me and my brother finally got 99%
    1.use the first bird to Destroy some of the snow blocks near the first flag and shoot the egg on the blocks
    2. Bigbrotherbird in the same ankle like the first white bird
    3. Quickly the mighty eagle in the same ankle as the first two birds, that it hits the bigbrotherbird so hard that it comes in from the left side again[/QUOTE]

    I do not follow the strategy that is written above whatsoever. Can someone please re-write it so that it can I can follow it? TIA.
  • @heathen ... I've expanded Andreas189's method (at least my take on it) in the Angry Birds Seasons Mighty Eagle Forum ...
  • OK...I've tried your method and all I can get is like 75%...I have both birds lying on the ground and the sardine can next to it but NOTHING happens with ME appears....just the pigs disappear.

    UPDATE: I can get 88% but nothing more....what am I missing here?
  • Hmmm? Dunno ... In a 30 minute session using Andreas189's method I would expect to have quite a few scores in a band of 89% to 95%... stupid really, have played it so many times I can almost predict the percentage!
  • Definitely a glitch in SG-16. After spending a week on it I totally cleared everything on the screen...there wasn't anything left on the screen...not a snow nor an ice no boards...NOTHING completely cleared and still it only gave me 99%!!! I'm done until the update comes out!!! Don't waste your time.
  • @ron85262 There's no glitch, as users have gotten the feather already. Be aware that even if you don't see anything on the screen, that doesn't mean everything got destroyed. Far too often, the Eagle sends debris off screen but it stays in-tact.
  • I'm new to the boards here, but I've enjoyed the site for comparing scores as I've played. I just got the feather on SG 1-16. Once I figure out how to post a picture, I will.

    I followed the method similar to Andreas189. I threw the Hen bird at the flag and did not drop it's egg (to leave a bigger bird to bounce around). I followed immediately with BigBrother then threw the sardine can immediately after him. All went on pretty much the same path. The eagle came and knoced BigBrother left and the Hen right. BigBrother then bounced back to the right clearing all snow, ice, wood. Everything was destroyed with 100% destruction. I've been too excited to try to repeat it yet.

    I hope this helps.
  • I hope this link works for the screen shot:

    Thanks to Victor above for the recommendation of a site to use for posting it. Unfortunately, it's just a picture of my iPad (ye olde tech).
  • @KThomp2847 Welcome...and congratulations!
  • Isn't the definition of insanity something like doing the same thing over and over expecting different results? I'm tired of this insanity. 95%, 96%, tons of low low 90%, one 99%, two 98%. This is ridiculous!
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